Avengers Predator Variant issue #58 By E.M Gist SIGNED & REMARKED Options

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Avengers Predator Variant issue #58 showcasing some seriously mind blowing painted cover art. Master painter E.M Gist does it again! The remarked version shows battle damage on the Predator and looks absolutely perfect! Here is your chance to own one of these limited remarks which are exclusive only to Trinity-Comics. 

THE AVENGERS' QUEST THROUGH TIME CONTINUES! Japan, the Edo Period. They say he walks by night, wielding a blade forged by hellfire. And where he wanders, the penance flows, like fountains of blood. He is the fabled Ghost Ronin, the Samurai of Vengeance. And alongside the Avengers, he will make his final stand against the lightning swords of the devil himself.


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